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U.S. 2nd Passport Application
You are applying for a 2nd passport.
Can submit your most recent U.S. passport; AND Were at least 16 years old when your most recent U.S. passport was issued; AND Were issued your most recent U.S. passport less than 8 years ago; AND Are using the same name on your most recent passport; AND Can show a valid reason for needing a second limited validity passport to The U.S. State Department.
2nd U.S. Passport
Please Create Form when finished filling out application online then print.Once printed there should be Two(2) barcodes on the page labeled Page 1 of 2
Evidence of Travel
Letter to the U.S. Passport Agency on companies letterhead detailing why you require a second U.S. Passport
1 Copy of your plane ticket or official travel itinerary showing your name and date of travel.
Business Travelers must provide letter from employer outlining immediate travel.
If you are driving to Mexico or Canada, please provide a typed formal letter addresssed to the passport office explaining your dates of travel, means of  transportation, the border where you will be crossing, place of destination, and purpose of travel.
2 Passport photos 
Print 1 "L.O.A." authorizing getyouruspassport.com to expedite your U.S. PassportClick Here to print
Letter of Authorization
U.S. Passport Fee
Check or Money Order in the amount of $170.00 Made Payable To "U.S. Department Of State".
          1. Signed DS-82 Application
          2. Letter to Passport Agency
          3. Your most recent passport
          4. Evidence of Immediate Travel
          5. Authorization Letter
          6. Passport Photographs
          7. The $170 check or money order to "U.S. Dept. of State"
          8. Payment to getyouruspassport.com 
Please place the following documents in a FedEx envelope.

Fedex to: Please Call For Shipping Instructions

Same day service and 48hr service must be shipped "First Overnight" Thru Fedex. If It is delivered past 8:30am it will not be processed until next day.
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